Get to Know the People We Serve- Aaron’s Story


Most likely someone you know is struggling through temporary financial hardship right now.  The individuals and families we serve probably look a lot like you and I.

Right now many Jews in South Florida are wondering how to put food on the table and how to make Hanukkah gifts a reality for their children.  They are likely scared, anxious, and ashamed to approach loved ones for financial support.

These are people like Aaron, an educated professional and father of three who lost his job earlier this year due to downsizing.  Unable to pay the electric bill or his mortgage, Aaron turned to Hebrew Free Loan Association of South Florida (HFLA) for a temporary emergency assistance loan while he interviewed for new professional opportunities.  Today, Aaron is working again and is repaying his HFLA loan on time.

Aaron is so thankful for the financial support we provided to him at his time of need.  His family is even more thankful to know that they did not have to beg for charity, but could stand with dignity, even in a dark hour, on their own two feet.

HFLA is a nonprofit organization that proudly serves the entire South Florida Jewish community with interest-free loans. Since 1989, Hebrew Free Loan Association of South Florida has been funded primarily by private donations.  I hope you will make a gift today to HFLA as a powerful statement to Jewish individuals and families in South Florida that they matter, their struggles are not invisible, and their community is here to support them. 

Your tax-deductible gift will help us care for people like Aaron.  You and others with the same caring heart are the reason we are able to continue to provide our community with:

  • Emergency financial support to cover unexpected medical and repair bills
  • Innovative fertility and adoption loans to make the dream of a family a reality
  • Special Needs/ Disability loans to cover accessibility equipment and renovations, therapy and school aides to give loved ones with disabilities the best possible quality of life
  • Entrepreneur loans to start a small business or enhance an existing business
  • Education loans to create learning opportunities for the next generation of Jewish leaders
  • Funds to cover legal fees for divorce, domestic violence and immigration cases

We are not a hand out program.  Our funding program facilitates financial independence through interest-free lending. We are proud to have a greater than 98% repayment rate.

Please make the largest gift you can today.  Each contribution is an investment in the dignity and independence of many individuals and families in our local Jewish community. Each and every gift is important to us, and very gratefully received.

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