Get to Know the People We Serve- Aaron’s Story

man-863085_1280 Most likely someone you know is struggling through temporary financial hardship right now.  The individuals and families we serve probably look a lot like you and I. Right now many Jews in South Florida are wondering how to put food on the table and how to make Hanukkah gifts...
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What Are Donor Directed Funds?

Have you considered setting up a donor directed fund? It’s a powerful way to give back during the holidays or any time of year.

Donor Directed Funds

Donor directed funds are funds created using the philanthropist’s vision. You decide how much you will donate as well as the purpose for the fund. Potential purposes include small business...
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Giving Thanks the Jewish Way

This week everyone is focused on being thankful – we take a day to recognize our blessings and then for many people – we move on and start thinking about the more mundane aspects of our life. In Judaism, one day of thanks is not enough.  In fact, the Talmud commands us to say 100 blessings...
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