The Donor-Directed Program Loan Funds make a major difference in the future success of people who need help

Contributions are made to a new fund which is developed to fulfill personal requirements. Philanthropists can set up special programs to assist with specific issues such as: small business requirements, graduate school assistance, support victims of domestic violence, visits to Israel, family adoption and fertility issues and to aid autistic and developmentally disabled children, to name just a few. It is philanthropy based on our oldest traditions.

Funds in Perpetuity

A gift of $100,000 to HFLA endows a perpetual, revolving loan fund. The Fund is usually established in the name of the donor family or to honor and remember a specific individual. It is a comfort to know that people in financial need now and in the future will continue to find support. Loan funds are lent over and over again to new borrowers, and the funds remain to do their job in perpetuity. Loan programs connect us to Tikkun Olam, making this world a little more caring, a little more sharing.

Yout gift of a fixed amount or percentage of your estate shows your family for generations to come that helping others was important to you

Harry Nevelsky & Sol Marinoff Jewish Education Fund

Donated by the Nevelsky and Marinoff families

This fund allows families to send their child or children to a Jewish pre-school or Jewish day school and also allows Jewish educators to obtain continuing education credits that are required by the State of Florida.  General financial assistance is being offered to Jewish Educators in addition to continuing education credits. This fund can provide up to $4,000 in financial assistance.

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Jewish Life Enrichment Fund

Families or individuals wishing to participate in an activity to learn about themselves as they learn about others and Judaism is the theme that ties it all together. Activities such as Conferences,Trips to Israel, and other Jewish related destinations, educational experiences for adults and children, leadership programs or Jewish ritual and simchas. This fund can provide up to $4,000 in financial assistance.

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Rodney Furmanski Emergency Assistance Fund

Donated by Rose Furmanski In Loving Memory of her beloved son, Rodney

This loan fund was established to provide immediate assistance to those in need in Miami-Dade and Broward County. Emergencies include home repairs, medical bills, rent/mortgage assistance and dire needs, such as groceries and utility bills.

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Women & Children in Crisis Fund

To help those needing help rebuilding their lives, increasing their self-esteem and developing healthier lives for themselves and their children.

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Fleming Urgent Care Fund

Donated by Shirley Fleming

Supporting urgent medical needs for the elderly, including surgery, procedures, medical equipment and to help cover hospital stays. This fund can provide up to $4,000 in financial assistance.

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Hebrew Orphan Asylum Association, Inc. Fund

Donated by Alfred Greenberg and Max Glassman

Provides interest-free lending of up to $1,500.00 specifically for Jewish teenagers seeking better educational opportunities or vocational skills in fostering their independence.

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Hebrew Entrepreneurial Loan Program (HELP)

Facilitates, Mentors and encourages those looking to start or expand a business with up to $10,000.00 in financial assistance.

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The Grandchildren’s Fund (your partner in family philanthropy)

Generational giving fund is a positive learning legacy that strengthens Jewish continuity by allowing families to share in the act of Tzedakah.

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