10 Ways to Bond with Your Grandchildren

How do you spend time with your grandchildren? The relationships between grandparents and grandchildren are truly unique. Here are 10 ways to deepen your connections and make memories that will last for a lifetime.

1. Make a Family Tree.

Children love to learn about their family history. Sit down with the little ones and create a family tree. As you map out your family’s roots and members, delight them with stories along the way.  Tell them who they remind you of and what qualities of other relatives you see in them.

2. Garden.

Do you love to garden? Get the grandchildren involved. Teach them what it takes to grow your favorite flowers or different fruits and vegetables. It’s a wonderful project to work on as a family and a practical habit filled with lessons for the kids.

3. Make a Scrapbook.

It seems everything is done online today but nothing beats paper when it comes to crafts. Develop physical copies of favorite images of family and friends and take a trip to the crafts store. Allow your grandchildren to choose their preferred supplies of choice and have fun building a memory-filled project.

4. Do Homework Together.

Let your children have a break and have fun helping your grandkids at homework time.

5. Look for Quality Time.

Spend quality time alone with your grandchildren and plan occasional sleepovers. It will bring you closer for the benefit of your entire family.

6. Get Interested in Their Interests.

Take an interest in learning about the books, music, movies and art that delight the ones you love.

7. Spend Time in Nature.

If you mostly spend time together at home, something is missing. Spend time together in the great outdoors. Go for walks, play or immerse yourselves in fun activities.

8. Create a Grandchildren’s Fund.

Create a grandchildren’s fund with your grandchildren to reinforce the importance of tikkun olam and tzedakah. What will your giving fund support? Let your grandchildren get involved with the decision on how the funds are spent.

9. Learn Something New.

Sit down with your grandchildren to find out if there’s anything they’ve ever wanted to learn. If they don’t have any ideas, go online and search through topics until something resonates with the children. Agree to learn this new hobby or skill as a family. It can be anything from making a semi-challenging dessert to learning how to crochet.

10. Play Games.

Who doesn’t love a good game? Play board games, card games or chess to challenge your grandchildren and have plenty of offline fun.

It is often said that life’s greatest blessings are children and grandchildren.  Make the time for them today, so they will have cherished memories to last their lifetime.  If you or someone you know would like to create a grandchildren’s fund, please contact us at (305) 933-1187 or info@hebrewloan.org.

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