What Are Donor Directed Funds?

Have you considered setting up a donor directed fund? It’s a powerful way to give back during the holidays or any time of year.

Donor Directed Funds

Donor directed funds are funds created using the philanthropist’s vision. You decide how much you will donate as well as the purpose for the fund. Potential purposes include small business loans, emergency funds, money for fertility treatments, funds to cover adoption expenses, education costs and more.

HFLA Donation Options

We have several donor directed program loan fund options here at HFLA. These funds assist members of the Jewish community right here is South Florida. They represent a commitment to the values and principles of helping others help themselves as per the Jewish faith.
We do not make a profit on any of our loans. All of our loans are offered to borrowers on an interest-free basis. The point is to help others in a special time of need in a manner that allows them to maintain their self-esteem and dignity. This is why we don’t raise funds to give away but rather to loan funds as an affordable and manageable free loan solution.
We offer family named funds including perpetual, revolving funds here at HFLA. Donor directed funds of $100,000 or more are literally the gifts that keep on giving. These contributions are continually used to help others in the community. These funds may be named after yourself, a loved one or your entire family.
Your donor directed fund may be set up via cash donation or as a percentage of your estate. It’s a wonderful way to honor the recent passing of a loved one or to set an example for younger generations in your family and fellow members of the community. The potential and strength of a community is only as great at the collective amount of its ability and progress and the amount of support its members have for one another.
Think of your donor directed fund as a way to invest in your community for years and years to come. Your donation will have an impact on so many individuals and families and it’s also a tax deductible contribution, similar to other means of giving back. Did you know you can also add additional funds to your donor directed fund over time?
Find out more about donor directed funds. This may be the most fulfilling way to leave a legacy.

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