When Is the Best Time of Year to Start a New Business?

Do you have a great business idea in mind? You can start a business at any time of the year with the help of our Hebrew Entrepreneur Loan Program!


The Hebrew Entrepreneur Loan Program (also known as HELP) is your interest-free option for a business loan of up to $10,000. These funds will help you cover your start-up costs and operation costs including supplies, equipment, your marketing budget and inventory. We believe in the power and importance of helping the members of our community see their dreams come into fruition. By helping members of the community launch their businesses, we are doing our part to improve South Florida. New businesses promote creative entrepreneurialism while stimulating the economy and creating jobs. We are happy to HELP.

Things to Think About Before You Apply…

Do you have a business plan? Take the time to thoroughly research your future business, the local economy, your future target market and the industry. Businesses with solid, well-researched business plans are far more likely to see success than businesses with less formal planning. A solid business plan will help you understand what is required for success: the work that needs to be done, necessary equipment and supplies, infrastructure, permits and licenses, marketing methods, employees to be hired, tax considerations and more. You’ll also develop a clearer picture of your responsibilities as a business owner and what your specific company will require of you in terms of the type and breadth of work to reach your goals. This includes determining your plan and timeline for reaching your ROI.
A business plan should consist of the following sections: executive summary, business description and mission, products and services, sales and marketing, operations, management, competition and a financial summary. If you need help to produce a professional and spot-on plan, there are many wonderful resources available online as well as at your local Chamber of Commerce. Aim to get as specific as possible. That’s what will make the plan work to your advantage.
Your business plan is your guide to follow you throughout your business. It’s a tool you’ll be able to edit along the way based on changes in the marketplace and economy, your business’ goals and success, industry trends, competitors and other considerations. We must add that many of the questions in your HELP application can be answered by data from your plan.
Create a plan, apply for HELP and launch the business of your dreams!

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