• “Please convey my profound and sincere thanks to the leadership of HFLA for the loan. Without going into great detail, it has been a true life saver. I thank you for all of your help and assistance as well”... - Anonymous Man
  • “I am so grateful for this loan and what it has meant to my family. The loan helped us move to an area that we could afford and not be so overwhelmed by the rising medical bills while trying to fight cancer. I don’t know what we would have done without the help of HFLA.”... - Anonymous Woman
  • As a single mother of two school-age children, I was living on credit cards and sleeping in a cheap hotel. The loan saved my life and allowed me to find a small affordable efficiency, raise my children in peace and devote myself to their well-being and education.”... - DIRE NEEDS FUND BORROWER
  • I was forced to live with my mother due to my rental apartment complex going into foreclosure and needed to purchase a reliable used car in order to travel back and forth to work which was now at a much greater distance away. HFLA was able to help me maintain my employment situation by providing me a Continue Reading... - MIDDLE AGED WOMAN FROM FLORIDA